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Random Baseball Reference Deep Dive

Woof. Unluck of the draw. This is a tough page to for a starting point. Last good Giants year finishing second in the NL West and winning their first playoff series before losing to the Mets. Yes the Mets. Going to take this chunks.

Why do more NL teams not bat their pitcher 8th more often. It makes too much sense to not do this. Without running the numbers it definitely feels easier to turn the lineup over with your 9th hitter not being a complete dud. This is an all glue guy team. Denard Span, Buster, Joe Panic, and Hunter Pence???? TAKE MY MONEY.

HOW DID WE ALL FORGET JAKE PEAVY GIANT???. Wow what a time. Rotation of Madbum, Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, Jake Peavy, and Matt Cain. I did not appreciate this rotation enough in the moment. As I scrolled down I realized the Giants abandoned the pitcher hitting 8th by end of the season. I guess I spoke too soon. Matt Moore joining the rotation makes this even more of an elite fun rotation. This team only had 5 different players hit 4th which is mildly interesting, Buster, Hunter Pence, Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt, and real life bum Matt Duffy.

This page is begging me to follow the rabbit hole of Jake Peavy, the Jeremy Renner lookalike. You are welcome because now you can not unsee this.

Jake Peavy, the forgotten Ace. 3 time all star, Cy Young Award Winner. Pitching Triple Crown winner and 2 time World Series Winner. His Cy Young year he went 19-6 with a 2.54 ERA and 240 Ks in 223 innings. WHAT A STUD. He got his 2 rings with Boston in 2013 and San Francisco in 2014. Going a total of 0-2 with a 9.58 ERA and a +2.0 WHIP. Maybe he did not show up in the big game but rings are rings.

Peavy was involved in a hindsight blockbuster trade. It wasn't the trade that sent him from San Diego to Chicago but actually Chicago to Boston. Trade send Peavy to Boston, Avisail Garcia (underrated) to the White Sox, Jose Igelsias to Detroit, and Frankie Montas to the Chicago White Sox. Peavy also made 127 million in his career. Good for you sir.

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