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Random Baseball Reference Deep Dive 2/20

The year is 2001. The top movies are Shrek and Harry Potter. Baseball games take 2 hours. The Angels are from Anaheim not Los Angeles of Anaheim. Troy Percival is closing games. A Molina catching and Magglio Ordonez is mashing balls. The good old days,

These teams summarize the names I think of when I think of baseball from every era. Players of all shapes and sizes. Steroids, a very small amount of good pitchers, dinger. It was great.

A White Sox lineup of Magglio, Canseco, Paul Freakin Konerko, and Carlos Lee. MASHERS. Angels with a lineup of smallball and long ball with Eckstein, Erstad, Troy Glaus, Tim Salmon, and Scott Spiezio. I honestly forgot White Sox Canseco ever happened I just looked at this Baseball Reference page 3 days ago. Peak Magglio Ordonez in this game with a steal for his 18th of the year. And the steal was of 3rd. This is long before Tigers Maggs that was stationary at best.

Angels pulling off a double play "Eckstein-Adam Kennedy - Scott Spiezio." My pants just got tighter thinking about that. Troy Percival picking up his 31st save of the year. Dude is a save machine. 4 PITCHERS WERE USED. AHHH. As much as I love the Rays and how they changed the game, I still long for the days of starters going 8 innings before turning over to the closer. Simple and better.

Angels starting pitcher was Ismael Valdez. He went 8 inning on less then 100 pitches. He debuted in 1994 at age 20. He finished 7th in 1995 NL Rookie of the year voting behind teammate Hideo Nomo. Chad Fonville finished tied for 7th and was actually traded midseason from Montreal to the Dodgers. Chipper Jones finished 2nd....

Valdez never led the league in any stat but had a decent run in the 90s. Then 2000 hit and the wheels fell off hard. ERA from 2000 on, 5.64, 4.45, 4.18, 6.10, 5.19, 5.33. Finishing his career with a 4.09 ERA and a 104-105 record. Unfortunately Valdez is not as interesting as I thought when I clicked on his name. Oh well hopefully next time is more interesting.

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