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Random Baseball Reference Deep Dive 2/22

Happy Birthday Casey Kotchman

Well this was bound to happen. Ed Strelecki. Born in 1905. Debut in 1928. Played his last game 3 years later. I am doing this while watching LSU vs LATECH and I am very distracted by these baby blue LATECH uniforms.

Back to Ed. The classic 2 way player with a negative -0.5 WAR. 3 career hits. He did post an impressive 13 strikeouts in 85 innings. DEAD BALL.

He did play for the Reds in 1931 which gives me a glimmer of hope for trying to learn something in todays random baseball reference page.

Here comes Tony Cuccinello. With 11 triples and 93 RBIs. His nickname was "Cooch" and that is too good of a nickname to not use so I will be referring to Tony as Cooch from here on out. Cooch had a really solid career. Cooch was a 3 time all star and received MVP votes in 4 different years. COOCH shockingly received votes his second, third, ninth, and LAST (15th) year of his career. To get an MVP vote last year of your career has to be rare and I will be doing that research project after this so be on the look out. In his 15th and last year COOCH hit .308 with 49 RBI. Yup that was the stats of an MVP vote season. HE GOT 5% OF THE VOTE. COOCH FINISHED 16TH.

Side note some great names on this MVP ballot. Hal, Snuffy, Vern, Dizzy, Skeeter, Wally, and 2 Bobs and a Bobby.

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